Experience Zen

Established in 1404, Taizo-in Zen Buddhist Temple is one of the 46 sub-temples situated in Japan’s largest Zen Buddhist monastery, Myoshinji Temple, and it has remained as one of the few sub-temples that are open to the public all year round. The following is the list of the Zen cultural activities available at Taizo-in for private groups of 10+ people. Advance reservation are required.

Experience Zen

Zazen — Seated Zen Meditation Class

Zen priest guides you to practice Zen meditation by providing a lecture on the significance of Zen Buddhism as part of the Japanese culture (beginners welcome).

  • Available anytime between 8AM and 5PM, reservation only
  • The seating capacity is maximum 100 people (minimum 10 people).
  • Takes 1 hour in total, incl. a introduction and a 20 minute for meditation followed by another 20 minute for a sermon
  • 30 mins guided tour after/before the meditation
  • 2,500 yen/person incl. admission to temple
Note: April, May, June, October and November are generally busy.

Japanese Tea Experience

Learn about the Japanese traditions and culture through a casual Japanese tea session with Zen priest.

  • Available anytime between 9:30AM to 4:30PM (min. 10 people/max. 40 people), reservation only
  • Takes 1 hour incl. a 30 minute guided tour
  • 2,000 yen/person incl. admission to temple
Note: For individual visitors, we offer Japanese tea and original confectionary at tea house. Please order at gift shop individually inside Japanese pond garden.

Day Tour and Zen Buddhist Cuisine

Catered by one and only michelin-starred Zen Buddhist cuisine restaurat in Kyoto, Ajiro, we offer 100% vegan lunch.

  • Min. 10 people/ max. 40 people, reservation only
  • Takes 1.5 hours incl. guided tour
  • Bento lunch box from 3,000 yen
  • Kaiseki course from 4,500 yen
Note: Chef can arrange your meal within your budget. If you have any special food requests (allergies etc.), please inform us in advance.

Calligraphy Class Shodo

Zen priest gives an introduction to calligraphy and helps you practice your drawing.

  • Takes 1.5 hours incl. guided tour (min. 10 people/ max. 40 people), reservation only.
  • You may take home your finished piece of work
  • 5,500 yen/ person incl. admission to temple (30 mins guided tour after/before the class)


To make a reservation with us, please fill in the inquiry form at [Contact page] and send us your reservation request. Please note that we only accept a reservation request from private groups of 10 or more at the moment.

Terms and Conditions

We accept payment in cash, Japanese yen, only. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be offered in any circumstances. In case of cancellation, please inform us at least a day prior to your reservation date.

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