Plant Collections

Yoko-en holds not only our signature weeping cherry trees but also features more than 60 kinds of plant species including plum trees, wisteria, azalea, hydrangea, iris, lotus flowers and maple trees. These flamboyant plants add colors to the garden and are often used for flower arrangement and tea ceremonies.

_Season _Species _Best Time to See
_Spring Camellia End of February – Beginning of April
Loropetalum Chinense End of February – Beginning of April
Honeysuckles Mid March – Mid April
Japanese quince Mid March – Mid April
Weeping cherry trees Beginning of April – End of April
Wisteria Mid April – Beginning of May
Trollius Mid Aprill – Beginning of May
Dogwood End of April – Beginning of May
Azalea End of April – Mid May
Thunbery spirea End of April – Mid May
Clematis Beginning of May – Mid May
Satsuki azalea Mid May – Beginning of June
Common pearlbush End of May – Beginning of June
_Summer Iris End of May – Mid June
Hydrangea June
Sal tree Mid June – End of June
Pond lily End of May – End of August
Lotus flower Beginning of July – Beginning of August
Japanese bellflower End of May – Beginning of June
_Autumn Hagi, bush clover Mid September – End of September
Fragrant olive End of September – Mid October
Eupatorium End of September – Mid October
Toad lily Mid October – Beginning of November
Japanese silver-leaf sunflower End of October – Mid November
Autumn foliage Mid November – Beginning of December
_Winter Camellia Beginning of December – End of January
Hamamelis End of January – February
Plum tree End of February – Mid March
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