Tea Ceremony

We offer Japanese green tea and our original confectionery at our Tea Room “Daikyuan” situated in the garden. Please order and pay at the gift shop nearby.

Tea and Zen

Tea and Zen have an inseparable relationship. As in the phrase “chazenichimi” (“The taste of tea and Zen are one and the same ”), the tea ceremony was influenced by ascetic Zen practice, and conversely, various aspects of the tea ceremony have been incorporated into Zen.

It takes much time and special utensils to seriously practice the tea ceremony, so at Taizo-in we offer a brief explanation of the history and the relationship between the tea ceremony and Zen, as well as the chance to actually have green tea (maccha) and learn the basics of how to drink it. Of course we will also provide Japanese traditional sweets. So please take a break from your sightseeing and drop in to partake of some tea.

_Opening Hours Opening Hours 9:30AM to 4:30PM
Tea room closes at 5:00PM.
_Fee 500yen Green tea, matcha comes with original confectionery

*Groups of 10 or more should be booked in advance. Up to 40 people can be booked at Taizo-in to enjoy tea in the garden room.

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